Beyond The Art

What is Art of Vieve

Inspired by the Art of Living, the name "Art of Vieve" is a nod to living a life of creativity and self-expression. The word Vieve, short for Genevieve, also stands for Vivre, the french word for Living - it's about creating a home and a life that truly represents you and your unique style and personality instead of letting the outside world decide for you. Whether you're choosing a movie on a Friday night or purchasing Art for your walls, we see Art as a means of self-discovery where every choice we make and every experience we have adds to the masterpiece that is our life.

“When you discover Art for the first time, it's like you've been asleep for a long time, and waking up feels like the greatest joy!"

A Note From Kimberly

It means so much to create Art for anyone looking to express themselves in new ways by adding life and color to their space.

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