A limited-edition Art gallery from the mind and heart of Kimberly Genevieve

A Note From Kimberly

"It means so much to me to create Art for anyone looking to express themselves in new ways by adding life and color to their space.

I created Art of Vieve because, like so many of you, I was trying to make sense of my relationship with all the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that make up the "real me." With so many opinions and distractions out there, I found myself more caught up in trying to be who others wanted me to be that I lost sight of who I was and the person I wanted to become. Art became my vehicle for self-expression, giving me the voice and tools to transform my life into a reflection of who I am.

Whether you're a creator or a collector, the process of self-discovery is the same - when you come across things that inspire you, you gain a much deeper understanding of who you are, allowing you to live a happier, more meaningful life. Every choice you make, and every experience you have adds to the masterpiece that is your life. Whether that's choosing Art for your home or a movie on a Friday night, every decision you make is a step on the journey of getting to know yourself more. I hope that by filling your walls with Art that makes you ~feel~ something, you'll create a space that inspires you to be yourself and live the life you truly want!

Thank you for being on this journey with us,"

- Kimberly

Our goal is to create Art that makes you (and your walls) ~feel~ something. We want to inspire you to transform your space into a reflection of who you are.
Making Waves

Genevieve's limited-edition photographs have been recognized and sold at high-profile Art fairs across the United States, France, and Brazil. From the Affordable Art Fair in New York City to the Las Vegas Market and NADA Art Fair in Miami, her photographs have made their mark at some of the most celebrated events in the industry. Genevieve's Art prints have also been featured at the Architectural Digest Design Show and the Abimad Art Fair in São Paulo, Brazil, and showcased at Image Nation in Paris, as well as leading online Art marketplaces, including 1stdibs, Artstar, and The Real Real. With such a strong presence in the creative space, Genevieve has also been awarded by some of the most recognized organizations in the industry, including PDN, the International Photography Awards, the International Color Awards, The London International Creative Competition, and the Budapest International Foto Awards.