5 Reasons Why Art Can Boost Your Mood!

Art has the power to tell great stories. It connects us to a feeling or an emotion and brings us into the world of an artists' imagination. When times are tough, that's when art is needed most. I don't even know what I would do right now without films, books, artworks, and music! It's what lifts me up every day and reminds me just how beautiful and unique the world around me is. Art can shift our mood and make us feel more hopeful and alive! 

I recently received an email from one of my collectors, letting me know that having a few art prints hanging in her home would help keep her mental health on track during this difficult time. That's how powerful art is! Though we may be watching movies on our own these days or hanging artwork that only our eyes will see, art brings us all so much closer together and reminds us that we're never alone. Here are 5 reasons why art can boost YOUR mood!

 1. Color has been proven to be a mood-shifter

We all remember taking art classes and learning about the color wheel. Even if you can't remember the order of the color wheel, you can appreciate the curation of colors on an art piece. You don't have to be an artist to know that great artwork can completely change your mood. It can stimulate your brain and improve your mental health. Color and aesthetics are an essential part of our identity. Adding this identity to your home is beneficial to you and your overall mood. 

Yellow Superbloom

 2. Conversation pieces

What are conversational pieces? They're something that brings your attention outside of the current conversation. If you lack conversation or don't know what to say, just talk about the art on your wall. Great art should tell stories. Stories that collectors are drawn to and can relate. These are conversation starters and help us to connect with those around us. For some, a palm tree may just be that, a palm tree! But for others, a palm tree might remind them of themselves, or maybe an awkward trait, or a feeling of youthfulness that brings them back to being a kid again. So what happens if there's no art on our walls? Are we left with nothing to talk about and feel?

Awaken Your Dreams

 3. Limited editions create a deeper connection to the art

Have you ever heard someone say "I have a limited edition…" car, phone, shoes, etc. What about limited edition art? Can you imagine helping a local artist and being the only one to own that print? It's like bringing home a new friend. It's less expensive than a new car, but it gives you a similar status. An artist's primary goal is to be a staple in someone's home and have the meaning resonate with the collector. To offer a piece that moves to every new home, every new apartment. That is handed down generation by generation. Having a limited edition piece creates a connection with an artist that isn't forgotten and can relate back to being a conversational piece.

Beverly Hills

 4. Daily Reminder to Feel more Hopeful and Alive

What would we do without our Netflix accounts or movie collections? I would have gone insane a long time ago if I didn't embrace the ability to enjoy films, books, and music. These are the things that lift us every day and remind us just how beautiful the world around us truly is. Like films, artwork can completely alter our state of mind to a more positive and hopeful attitude. Art can be such a powerful tool to help us stay present and grateful to be alive!

Mulholland Drive

 5.Spark Imagination

If you have been working from home, you know how easily distracted you can become. Whether you are creative or not, you have to keep an active imagination and be disciplined enough to work from home successfully. You are more likely to stay focused on work and forget about all the dishes piling in the sink, or the overflowing laundry basket if you can keep your imagination and focus on what's in front of you. What if instead of looking upon a blank wall, with all of your chores staring back at you, you had a photo of palm trees swaying in the wind, or a sun-filled art print of the Pacific Ocean and yellow blooms, or maybe a blurry photo of a Hollywood daydream. Now your imagination goes to a place where these images remind you of the goals you have for yourself. It helps you to connect to a higher purpose and believe that what you are working so hard to achieve is possible! Art can remind you that you are worthy of achieving anything in life!

Let's Dream In Color